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Twitter for me has been a God sent gift. It has become my daily ritual to browse through Twitter Feeds for 30 mins before I can shut my eyes for the day. Over the past 4-5 years, lot of my thinking has been shaped up following some sharpest minds from the world of investing, business, technology and everything else.

Nobody invests in a vacuum. Every investor is guided by certain insights and information that he has sought out or which has come his way. Having a good investment philosophy is the key to success, as is having the right information. Following other investors and thought leaders is a good way to stay in the loop as you work on developing your own investment style and strategy. Here are some great Twitter handles to get you started.

@Iamsamirarora – Samir Arora
@naval – Naval Ravikant
@rohitchauhan – Rohit Chauhan
@Vivek_Investor – Vivek
@dmuthuk – D. Muthukrishnan
@trengriffin – Tren Griffin
@iancassel – Ian Cassel
@BMEquityDesk – Basant Maheshwari
@deepakshenoy – Deepak Shenoy
@kayezad – Kayezad E Adajania
@invest_mutual – Mahesh
@monikahalan – Monika Halan
@sandipsabharwal – Sandeep Sabharwal
@shyamsek – Shyam Sekhar
@VetriSmv – Vetri Subramaniam
@safalniveshak – Vishal Khandelwal
@kaul_vivek – Vivek Kaul
@contrarianEPS – Contrarian EPS
@Wealth_Theory – Wealth Theory
@jasonzweigwsj – Jason Zweig
@morganhousel – Morgan Housel
@b50 – Anupam Gupta
@iancassel – Ian Cassel

This list is only partial.

Now you must be wondering why It must be so difficult for me to put my phone away. Learning should never stop.

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