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An Investment in Knowledge Pays the Best Interest”
– Benjamin Franklin
One of the founding fathers of USA

Indians are under-invested when it comes to saving for emergencies and according to the global survey, over 70% Indian respondents can barely manage personal economic emergencies for three months. The recent Covid crisis has made the survey results quite evident. Of course, poor financial planning is the key reason.

India is the third-largest growing economy of the world apart from being one of the highly preferred investment destinations. However, when it comes to financial literacy among Indians, results are quite dismal (pls see the above graph).

Financial literacy:
What it is and why it matters

Financial Literacy refers to the “ability to make informed judgements and to take effective decisions regarding the use and management of money”.

Financial education or financial literacy has assumed greater importance in the recent years, as financial markets have become increasingly complex and there is also an information asymmetry leading to making informed choices more and more difficult for the ordinary person.

Without an understanding of basic financial concepts, people are not well equipped to make decisions related to financial management. Financially literate people have the ability to make informed financial choices regarding saving, investing, borrowing, and more.

An average Indian investor invests roughly 85% of his investments into fixed deposit instruments which give him only 4-7% returns p.a.

World over smart people only buys Term insurance to protect themselves against any risk but in India most people end up buying endowment / ULIP plans and hence pay huge premiums yet remain underinsured.

Less than 3% of the household investment is channelized into the capital market instruments which is a long term viable investment vehicle.

This clearly demonstrates that ‘India is a nation of Savers but not Investors” and the root cause for this problem is the lack of Financial Literacy.

Why One Idiot Workshops?

When I first saw the movie One Idiot, I couldn’t believe how a complex topic like investing could be so interesting. I was so inspired by the investing philosophies of “Bugs Uncle” that I made it the mission of my life to “help individual investors become One Idiot by simplifying personal finance thereby making them empowered to make better financial decisions”.

The objective of this program is to teach you to “How to be smart with your money”.

Also to ensure that participants gain a basic understanding about Financial Planning and its various components viz Insurance Planning, Investment Planning, Tax Planning & Retirement Planning.

Whom the One idiot Workshop is meant for?

The One Idiot Wealth creation workshops are meant for anyone who wants to achieve financial freedom so that they don’t have to work for money anymore. In the last 16 years, we have conducted approximately 250 workshops for students, homemakers, senior citizens, business owners, salaried employees, B-Schools & Colleges, Housing societies, clubs, cultural organizations, professional bodies and individuals. The workshops are well structured and are conducted by One Idiot himself.

One Idiot Workshop Contents

Do the below questions bother you?
— How much should be my Insurance Cover? How to review my existing Insurance Policies?
— Of the various available investment options, which are suitable for me?
— How shall I avoid the last-minute investments to save taxes?
— How do I review my investments portfolio? How much should I allocate to Equity, Debt, Gold and/or Real Estate?
— How should I learn to manage my personal finances better?

If any of the above questions bother you then this workshop will help you take better control on your finances. Below are the topics covered in the workshop.

Financial Planning

Insurance Planning

Investment Planning

Retirement Planning

Tax Planning

Estate Planning

A common investor’s concern
Financial Planning Process
Why Financial Planning?

What is insurance?
Why Life Insurance is must?
Special discussion on ULIPs and Term Plans
Health Insurance & its importance
Types of Health Insurance
Claim Process & Settlement

10 basic tenets of Investment Planning
Asset classes & Role of Asset Allocation
Return comparison over a period of time from different asset classes and investment options (Gold, Bonds, Equity, FD, Real Estate etc)
Mutual Funds as Investment Vehicle
Special focus on SIP, STP, and SWP
How you should be beware of mis-selling in these products?
Why one should focus on Goal-based investment planning?

Why Retirement Planning is the most important goal?
How to determine a realistic retirement corpus?
What kind of investments are appropriate during the retirement phase to get a regular monthly income?

Why Tax Planning is very crucial?
Discussion on various tax saving products under Sec 80C, 80D, Sec 24 etc
Taxation impact on different investment options such as Equity, Mutual Funds, Bonds, Gold, Fixed Deposits etc

What is an Estate? Who needs Estate Planning?
Why proper Nominations are important?
Discussion on Wills Vs Nominations
How Private Trusts can be beneficial?

Duration of the One Idiot workshops
The workshops can be customized according to the organisation’s requirements and can be structured for time duration ranging from 1 hr to a whole day.

Participants capacity
The workshops can be organized for a group of 15-500 participants in both seminar & webinar format. The participants will be educated on wide variety of Financial Topics in a very plain and simple language.

One Idiot workshop fees
We spend a considerable amount of time in creating quality content for our audience. Our programs are highly appreciated by the participants. And hence we always believe that our work should be suitably rewarded. We charge a reasonable fee for conducting these sessions as we want only serious participants to attend our workshops. Our charges would depend on the audience, duration, location etc. which we will communicate in advance based on the discussion. We do have special pricing for educational institutions, not for profit organizations etc. to promote financial literacy.

If you would like to arrange a workshop at your college, company or society/association, we request you to contact us at the below co-ordinates, and we shall come back to you.

If you want us to approach the HR Department of the organization you belong to, we shall be glad to do that using your reference.

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