One Idiot Appreciation Stories

Despite a fairly high salary in my time and being a very thrifty person, I failed miserably at putting a financial plan in place, primarily because of ill advise and conflict of interest of the advisors. I met Gajendra (One Idiot) 4 years back & though I lost 25 years I was still glad to get pointed in the right direction. Better late than never. In him I found an ethical and decent person with a lot of clarity and commitment to service. One who put in a lot of personal effort to not just sorting the financials but ultimately to sort life.

Capt Shishir Panwar, Mumbai

Aaj kal there is this Mahabharata and Ramayana serial being telecasted on TV. I was seeing this Krishna and Arjuna talk on battlefield episode. That’s when the only person I was thinking about was you. Sushil and I were quiet happy go lucky in our old days… Carefree… Leading an unplanned personal and financial life as we were not planning kids. So always thought we do not need any planning and live life as it comes. Then khayal Khwaahish happened after 10 years. And then we were kind of confused about our finances and I always thought as how to plan. That’s when like Krishna… You entered our lives and made our life SIMPLER and more ENJOYABLE and more CAREFREE in the real sense. You guided us one step at the time… Without overwhelming us or ever making us feel ignorant and dumb. Thank you from the very bottom of our hearts… You are our Krishna and we can never ever express our gratitude in words.

Ms. Manisha, Dr Sushil, Khayaal & Khwaahish Shah, Mumbai

Have known Gajendra (a.k.a One Idiot) for the last few years .. I did my first financial transaction with him almost 3 years after knowing him. Would seek his help on all financial advice but never invested. He was always there to advice and help and surprisingly never once asked me to invest with him (amazing quality that I learned to respect). And when I did start investing through him there has been no looking back. He walks the talk. What he does with his own financials is what he recommends you. I remember him first working out an entire financial planning for my family right through retirement and then guiding me the mix of asset classes to invest and realise my stepwise aspirations. I and my family now sleep comfortably without compromising on our dreams knowing that he is doing the right things to make our hard earned money work for us. Again I was an absolute financial illiterate. He in his own sweet way made me learn the basics (can I ever forget getting the book – “ Let’s talk money by Monica Halan” gift wrapped and delivered home on my birthday). He has a fantastic team around him. Any information sought is with me in matter of minutes (no exaggeration). No wonder he has grown very fast professionally. I could go on and on but will end mentioning that he is indeed a blessing in our lives.

Mrs. Banumathy and Mr Swaminathan Murthy, Globetrotters, Mumbai

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