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Safal Niveshak : Vishal Khandelwal
This blog is run by Vishal Khandelwal and is one of India’s finest blog on value investing. Anyone who is serious about investing and wants to live a good quality balanced life should follow his blog. If you are looking for ways and tools to develop the right thinking, mindset, and process that is required for long-term investment success, this is the place for you.

The Stoic Investor : Nimesh Chandran
‘The STOIC Investor’ is a series of uncommon yet thought provoking insights which will help investors in their journey from being a ‘Common Investor’ to an ‘Ideal Investor’. Today the word ‘Stoic’ is used to describe someone who remains calm under pressure and avoids emotional extremes. For the purpose of this newsletter, we refer to ‘The STOIC Investor’ as an investor who is Realist (avoiding extreme optimism and extreme pessimism), Resilient (withstand difficult conditions) and Rational (who acts with logic and reason). This series curated and penned by Mr. Nimesh Chandan, Head – Investments Equities at Canara Robeco, provides a fresh perspective to look at things which we may already be aware of.

Subramoney : P V Subramanyam
His blog makes smart people richer. His ideas are simple. To get rich, you do not need too many ideas. You need to earn well, and keep track. He is a Chartered Accountant with two gifts. He understand numbers and he love to tell stories. For the first 17 years of his career he spent time number crunching, first as an auditor, then as an equity broker, mutual fund advisor, corporate finance advisor…you get the gist. Then he realized that numbers meant more when told with a story. So he started telling stories and spreading knowledge with these stories. That kick-started his second career as a trainer, educator and author and he has been at it for 19 years now.

Rohit Chauhan
Rohit is an Engineer & MBA by qualification and passionate about Investing. His investment journey started in early 90s when he was attracted towards value investing . He has been writing this blog since 2005 as an exploration of the craft and process of investing.

He has managed money for family and friends for the last 20 years and have been advising outside clients since 2011 via his advisory practice RC Capital Management.

The Collaborative Fund : Morgan Housel
This is one of the most popular blog in the world of personal finance. Morgan Housel is a partner at The Collaborative Fund and a former columnist at The Motley Fool and The Wall Street Journal. He is known for his witty thinking and connecting investing analogies to random things / events in life. He speaks about behavioural finance and history, using storytelling to explore how investors deal with risk and how we can think about risk in a more productive way.

A Wealth of Common Sense : Ben Carlson

In his blog, Carlson approaches the art (or science, depending on your perspective) of investing in a very accessible way. Carlson’s common sense approach and jargon-free writing style make this blog a great asset for anyone with skin in the game, from the beginner investor to those whose portfolios are longer in the tooth.

Memo from Howard Marks
Howard Marks is a full-time dedicated and expert American investor and has put a lot of effort to develop his successful career and hedge fund. He is a billionaire of the era. In 1995 he co-founded Oaktree Capital Management and is known for his “Oaktree memos” to clients which detailed his investment strategies and insight about the economy.

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