How to get Rich : Naval Ravikant

How to Get Rich

Intro 0:00

Seek Wealth, Not Money or Status 1:51

Make Abundance for the World 7:00

Free Markets Are Intrinsic to Humans 10:39

Making Money Isn’t About Luck 14:37

Make Luck Your Destiny 19:41

You Won’t Get ...
Rich Renting Out Your Time 24:16

Live Below Your Means for Freedom 28:55

Give Society What It Doesn’t Know How to Get 31:15

The Internet Has Massively Broadened Career Possibilities 33:58

Play Long-term Games With Long-term People 38:36

Pick Partners With Intelligence, Energy and Integrity 44:36

Partner With Rational Optimists 49:20

Arm Yourself With Specific Knowledge 54:44

Specific Knowledge Is Highly Creative or Technical 1:01:04

Learn to Sell, Learn to Build 1:06:34

Read What You Love Until You Love to Read 1:12:09

The Foundations Are Math and Logic 1:16:57

There’s No Actual Skill Called “Business” 1:20:15

Embrace Accountability to Get Leverage 1:25:45

Take Accountability to Earn Equity 1:30:13

Labor and Capital Are Old Leverage 1:35:08

Product and Media are New Leverage 1:39:49

Product Leverage is Egalitarian 1:45:03

Pick a Business Model With Leverage 1:50:12

Example: From Laborer to Entrepreneur 1:55:57

Judgment Is the Decisive Skill 2:01:21

Set an Aspirational Hourly Rate 2:07:47

Work As Hard As You Can 2:11:31

Be Too Busy to “Do Coffee” 2:16:38

Keep Redefining What You Do 2:20:42

Escape Competition Through Authenticity 2:22:45

Play Stupid Games, Win Stupid Prizes 2:28:21

Eventually You Will Get What You Deserve 2:30:57

Reject Most Advice 2:35:04

A Calm Mind, a Fit Body, a House Full of Love 2:37:59

There Are No Get Rich Quick Schemes 2:42:05

Productize Yourself 2:46:46

Accountability Means Letting People Criticize You 2:48:40

We Should Eventually Be Working for Ourselves 2:52:17

Being Ethical Is Long-Term Greedy 2:56:42

Envy Can Be Useful, or It Can Eat You Alive 3:00:07

Principal-Agent Problem: Act Like an Owner 3:03:36

Kelly Criterion: Avoid Ruin 3:10:18

Schelling Point: Cooperating Without Communicating 3:11:59

Turn Short-Term Games Into Long-Term Games 3:13:39

Compounding Relationships Make Life Easier 3:16:20

Price Discrimination: Charge Some People More 3:18:49

Consumer Surplus: Getting More Than You Paid For 3:19:59

Net Present Value: What Future Income Is Worth Today 3:20:47

Externalities: Calculating the Hidden Costs of Products 3:21:49

Bonus Material: Finding Time to Invest in Yourself 3:23:31

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