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Wealth Creation workshops by One Idiot

“An Investment in Knowledge Pays the Best Interest”

– Benjamin Franklin
One of the founding fathers of USA

An average Indian investor invests roughly 85% of his investments into fixed deposit instruments which give him only 6-8% returns p.a
World over smart people only buy Term insurance to protect themselves against any risk but in India most people end up buying endowment / ULIP plans and hence pay huge premiums yet remain underinsured.

As per the latest RBI report (2009-10), an average Indian saves approximately Rs 32 out of Rs 100 which is one of the highest in the world and we are really proud of this distinction. However, when it comes to investing the same money at the right place, unfortunately we are far behind and is a cause for concern. Around 70% of the household money is lying in Bank deposits, Post Office schemes or low yielding insurance policies, earning a paltry post-tax return. Less than 3% of the household investment is channelized into the capital market instruments which is clearly a long term viable investment vehicle. This clearly demonstrates that ‘India is a nation of Savers but not Investors” and the root cause for this problem is the lack of Financial Literacy.

Financial Literacy refers to the “ability to make informed judgements and to take effective decisions regarding the use and management of money”. Financial education or financial literacy has assumed greater importance in the recent years, as financial markets have become increasingly complex and there is also an information asymmetry leading to making informed choices more and more difficult for the common person.

Why One Idiot Workshops?
When I first saw the movie One Idiot, I couldn’t believe how a complex topic like investing could be so interesting. I was so inspired by the investing philosophies of “Bugs Unce” that I made it the mission of my life to “help individual investors become One Idiot by simplifying personal finance thereby making them empowered to make better financial decisions”

Whom the One idiot Workshop is meant for?
The One Idiot Wealth creation workshops for meant for anyone who want to achieve financial freedom so that they don’t have to work for money anymore. In the past we have conducted workshops for students, housewives, senior citizens, business owners, salaried employees, B-Schools & Colleges, Housing societies, clubs, cultural organizations, professional bodies and individuals. The workshops are well structured and are conducted by One Idiot himself.

Duration of the One Idiot workshops
The workshops can be customized according to the organization’s requirements and can be structured for time duration ranging from 2 hrs to a whole day.

Participants capacity
The workshops can be organized for a group of 15-500 participants in both seminar & webinar format. The participants will be educated on wide variety of Financial Topics in a very plain and simple language.

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